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About Sharon

Sharon has been a practising teacher for 25 years and has worked primarily with children aged 3-10 during this time in numerous settings. With her triple P qualification, Sharon has successfully organised parent programs and facilitated parent discussion groups.

Sharon has two young adult children and this is her best qualification as a parenting coach. She knows how hard it is to raise children, run a home, work and try to juggle all the balls at the same time. She understands fully the different stages involved in raising children and the importance of each stage.

Dip T ( primary and preschool)
B Ed
Triple P (Positive Parenting) accredited provider Level 4 Group

Our Business

Parenting is undoubtedly the hardest job in the world. However, once the antenatal classes are over and your child has arrived it seems like all the help has finished and parents are just left to fend for themselves- in a sink or swim situation.

The trouble is our world in the 21st century has changed so much that strategies that were acceptable in previous generations are not necessarily as applicable for families today. That is where Parenting Coach can help.

We can help you with:

  • Settling a new baby in your family
  • Coping with a toddler
  • Understanding your preschooler
  • Start of formal schooling
  • Your primary school age child
  • Your middle school child (getting 10-12 year olds ready for the teen years)
  • Your teenager (13-18)

Our Vision

At Parenting Coach we want to see families supported and encouraged with their parenting skills and to help build better relationships between parents and their children. By helping one generation to achieve this outcome, future generations will also be made stronger.

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Our Aims

  • To encourage more confidence in yourself and your parenting skills.
  • To help alleviate stress in your home.
  • To value you and your family’s own needs.
  • To ensure confidentiality.
  • To build positive relationships between parents and children.
  • To promote positive communication in families.
  • To educate and support parents using the 7c approach to parenting.


Book Sharon for a seminar on Parenting for Positive Outcomes for your school, playgroup, childcare centre.
Seminar topics include:

  • The 7C Approach
  • The Importance of the First Three Years of Life – A Crucial Time
  • Raising Girls

To contact Sharon phone 0433 679 521 or email sharon@parentingcoach.com.au