The 7C's Approach


The African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” is very true. Community can include your extended family or friends just to name a few.


To be emotionally connected adds another dimension to your relationship with your child. It involves listening, observing and spending time with your son/daughter and allows them to set the agenda sometimes even when there is nothing in it for the parent.


At Parenting Coach, we realise that raising a child involves at least 18 years of hanging in there and being committed to the task of parenting.


To provide suitable care for your child is an essential part of parenting. Care provides the basic needs that have to be met and applies to all areas of your child’s life. It includes the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.


Children need to know the rules and the rules need to be consistently reinforced.


Communication can build a child up or tear a child down. Positive words encourage a child and enhance his/her self esteem. Negative words discourage, dishearten and stunt a child’s self esteem. However words and actions need to be consistent. If you say something positive and then do the opposite, children will always copy your actions and not what you say.


This is our foundational, underlying philosophy at Parenting Coach. To cherish and love your child unconditionally is a major building block in your child’s life and provides them with security. To cherish someone means that you will always love them, always want the best for them and always believe in them. 

It does not mean that you will always agree with them but rather, even when they have made a bad choice, they will still know that you love and support them simply because he\she is your precious child. For a child to know that deep down in their heart and not just in their head is a fantastic secure feeling and provides your child with a wonderful confident start in their journey through life.